• Assessment of treatments and technological processes
    for metals and alloys in terms of obtained structural
    and mechanical parameters (including materials for
    the production of medical implants).
  • Design and optimization of the structure and properties
    of materials for the production of medical implants, including scaffolds, endoprostheses and vascular stents.
  • Research on the modification of rehabilitation stations after orthopedic injuries.
  • Research on tribological properties of metals and their alloys.
  • Structural studies of metals and their alloys.
  • Strength tests of metals and their alloys and other construction materials (polymers, composites).

Production technologies:

  • Technological studies concerning dynamic plastic surface treatment (shot peening).


  • Determining the standardized strength parameters
    of materials.
  • Determination of the operating parameters of materials in tribological tests (determination of the friction coefficient, etc.).
  • Performing description and identification of structures of metal materials.
  • Identification of the chemical composition of metals
    and their alloys.
  • Qualitative identification of polymeric substances (including liquids – oils, varnishes, paints) using the FTIR method.
  • Performing material expertise in determining the causes
    of failures, damage to machine parts and structures.
  • Conducting standardization and training activities in the field of the quality of laboratory tests for the purposes
    of accreditation.